Tyler Hansbrough Quickly Changes His Mind (Video)

One of the more low key moves of the summer was Tyler Hansbrough signing a two-year deal (no so excitedly) with the Toronto Raptors. Hansbrough is a fine bench player, but the Indiana Pacers decided to go in a different direction with Chris Copeland, whom they signed from the New York Knicks.

Hansbrough is probably most known for his physical play. It has been on display countless times throughout his college and NBA career. He even had an incident with Chris “Birdman” Andersen last year in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Psycho T’s physical nature was in effect earlier tonight when the Raptors met the New York Knicks in a must-win preseason tilt. As Hansbrough went up for his trademark shot – where he’s turned sideways towards the basket and kind of just flips the ball up over his shoulder – he was fouled and got tangled up with Ron Artest Metta World Peace.

Except Hansbrough didn’t know it was World Peace. And as he’s want to do, Hansbrough was looking to throw hands, bro. (Nailed it) Well, until he turned around that is. Frustrated, he spins, assumedly with the intent to confront who ever it was that was bothering him. But as he comes face-to-face with his opponent, his eyes widen with fear. It isn’t just anybody that he’s come into contact with. No, not at all. BAHH GAWWWD, KING! IT’S METTA WORLD PEACE!


Immediately intimidated, Hansbrough backs away, wanting no part of any action. You can actually see him mouthing “my bad, man,” like the incident was completely his fault. Nothing like World Peace staring you in the face to make you unwilling to fight.

Just another night in the association.

(H/T to @netw3rk