The Indiana Pacers’ Fan Jam Was All Kinds Of Fun

While you were doing whatever you did this weekend, 8,000 Indiana Pacers fans turned up to The Bankers Life Fieldhouse to attend the annual Fan Jam, which was an event full of games, free giveaways and a lot of ridiculous-ness.

What really went on, I’m not sure. It seems like a lot of autographs were signed and fans got to watch their Pacers partake in some routine basketball-y things, like a game of knockout and a three point shooting contest.

But back to that ridiculous-ness part for a second. There was a lot of that.

First up at the home-plate was rookie Solomon Hill, who headlined everyone’s favorite event: The Rookie Show. His go-to move was a mix of the Cat Daddy, Dougie and Terio’s “Kill ’em,” which was a little predictable, but solid, nonetheless.

Wondering who that white guy is? If you weren’t, you should be because he stole the show. Just wait for the second part of this next video. (He’s the Pacers’ video coordinator, by the way).

And what was that first part all about? I’m glad you asked. That would be the, “Junk In The Trunk” competition, which turned out to be a lot of twerking. Miley would be proud.

Oh, and Lance Stephenson dressed up as a sumo wrestler. That’s important

But it doesn’t get much better than Donald Sloan and Frank Vogel racing each other on some Fisher Price-esque bikes.

Nothing quite says, “championship ready” like a coach who can whip around one of those cheap vehicles faster than his players.

All in all, the Pacers’ Fan Jam was a major success and I’m very jealous I wasn’t there to take in all its shenanigans. Hat tips are in order. And maybe a flight to Indiana this time next year.

Scott Rafferty