Pass of the Night: Ricky Rubio to Nikola Pekovic (Video)

Ricky Rubio is awesome. This is an undeniable fact that anyone who has ever watched him play the game of basketball can attest to. We’ve covered the topic on numerous occasions including (here, here and here).

Last night, Rubio was at it again. Up in Montreal, the Timberwolves were taking on the Boston Celtics in a crucial preseason match-up. Early in the 2nd quarter, Rubio gave the Canadian fans a glimpse of his greatness.

With Kevin Martin controlling up top, Rubio ran off a triple-screen to free himself on the left wing. After receiving the pass from Martin, he took a second to assess his options. When Kevin Love came over to set a screen, Rubio took one dribble to his right, then quickly, stopped, dribbled behind-his-back and took off going left towards the baseline. Having shook Jeff Green with his dribbling skills, Rubio had Brandon Bass in his way next, but sidestepped his way around him with ease. Next in his path was Celtics’ center Vitor Faverani who had stepped up to cut off his drive.

But when Faverani rotated over, he had to leave his man (Nikola Pekovic) to do so. Gerald Wallace should have rotated down to help on Pekovic, but was too late. This left Pekovic wide open under the rim. Rubio obviously spotted him and wrapped a left handed bounce pass around Faverani to his big friend Pekovic. As he released the pass, Rubio finished it off with a 360 degree spin, adding a bit of flair to the already stellar pass.

Rubio finished the night with 15 points, 7 assists and 4 rebounds. Pekovic, meanwhile, chipped in 12 points and 7 boards as the Wolves took home the victory, 104-89.


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