Pass of the Night: Chris Paul to Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan (Video)

We now have our second player to find himself on “Pass of the Night” for a second time. Congratulations, Chris Paul! It’s surprising really, that it even took him this long. By the end of the year we’ll probably see Paul in this feature at least 10 times.

Last night the Clippers were hosting the Portland Trail Blazers in the teams’ second meeting of the preseason. It wasn’t the best performance from Paul or the Clippers, as they shot just 29-82 from the floor and fell 94-84. Luckily for them, it was just a preseason game. Not surprisingly, however, they still managed to give us a fancy dunk. It happened mid-way through the 3rd quarter.

After Paul missed a mid-range jumper, the ball is batted around and Paul ends up coming up with it near the right block. He jumps in the air looking to hit DeAndre Jordan with a pass, but has his path cut off. In mid-air, he changes his mind a slips the pass to Blake Griffin instead. Although it may be difficult to see because of the camera angle, it’s a very impressive feed through traffic. Griffin receives the pass and immediately spots Jordan – who has been left wide open in all the chaos – on the left block. He floats the ball up for an alley-oop to the lanky big man, who obliges with a powerful slam.


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