ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across the Web

Whatever you may be doing to enjoy your Saturday – which hopefully includes a break from work or school – we think you should take some time to check out some NBA writing. We’re back as always with some of the best work in today’s suggested basketball reading from across the web.

Right Now, Everything Feels Perfect: By Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace)

The few days before the NBA’s regular season seem to drag on forever. It’s like being a little kid, waiting for Christmas to come. The anticipation of the big day (Christmas and opening night, which basically is another Christmas) fills everyone with good feelings and happy thoughts. Over at SB Nation’s Mavs Moneyball, Kirk Henderson wrote about how great he feels about the season right now, and reminds us that basketball is amazing.

Is Jeremy Lamb the Oklahoma City Thunder’s only three-point threat?: By Trey Hunter (@TreyHunter87)

As the Oklahoma City Thunder have begun their preseason schedule and trying to adjust to life without Russell Westbrook, one stat has really stood out: their abysmal three-point shooting. Over at SB Nation’s Welcome to Loud City, Trey Hunter wrote about (while realizing it is just preseason) the poor shooting to start the year. He believes that while Jeremy Lamb has been the main focus of the problem, everyone has to step up from downtown if the Thunder want to contend for the Western Conference Crown.


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