The Milwaukee Bucks Spoof Drake and Nothing Was The Same

The Milwaukee Bucks took some time out from their rigorous training camp schedule to do their best Drake impressions. It’s just phenomenal stuff.

For those unfamiliar, the Bucks are spoofing Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” video and how he continuously rubs his hands over his face in distress.

The entire video is just tremendous, but there were some definite notable moments.

First off, LOOK AT HOW MASSIVE GIANNIS’ ANTETOKOUNMPO’S HANDS ARE!!!  “Drake Hands” are just more impressive when those hands can cover your entire face.

This face from Ekpe Udoh. Ekpe might be injured, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do some phenomenal Youtube acting.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 12.20.29 PM

How clearly uncomfortable Nate Wolters is with doing this. Larry Drew won’t like Wolters’ energy irregardless of whether Wolters even knows what “Drake Hands” are.

Now we go back to Ekpe and he’s actually singing the song. Ekpe’s commitment to this video is incredible. I hope part of his rehab is remaking Drake music videos, because that’s clearly his calling in life.

Jim Paschke, the Bucks’ play-by-play man, getting his head rubbed by Giannis, which immediately made me think of this:

Bugs Bunny Head Rub

All of this is fantastic, but the best part is how hard the Bucks are trolling their former player and noted Drake enthusiast Brandon Jennings by making a Drake themed video within months of trading him.

Bless you, Bucks video staff.


Robby Kalland

Robby covers college football for Cox Media and formerly covered the Atlanta Hawks for and SB Nation. He once broke a roulette table in half with Anthony Tolliver and was given a bottle of wine by Johan Petro in the same night.