Rookie Hazing At Its Finest: Rudy Gobert And Ian Clark Get Their Nails Painted

The life of an NBA rookie sure is an interesting thing. For most draftees, it’s their first full-time job and they get to play the sport they love for a living, while getting paid racks on racks. Does it get much better than that? I’m going with a big, fat, “no.”

But there are some parts of the rookie life which leave a lot to be desired, like, I don’t know, the travel, the hotels, the wear and tear on your body, the media obligations, the critics. But if they needed just one more thing to let them know that being a professional athlete isn’t all glitz and glam, the team’s seasoned veterans like to break them in with the help of one of America’s favorite traditions: hazing.

The staple haze is to give the rookies some embarrassing backpack, which they’ve got to carry around all year long. On top of that, they probably have to make food runs, collect all the basketballs after practice and a bunch of other little, tedious things that grown adults shouldn’t have to do.

It can get worse than that, though, and thanks to all the wonders of social media, the whole world gets to find out when something juicier does happens, like when Rudy Gobert and Ian Clark were forced into getting their finger nails painted earlier this week by John Lucas III -a teammate who is about half their size.

And as you can imagine, Gobert and Clark weren’t too happy with their fancy new nails, so they aired out their feelings on Twitter and Instagram.



Life as a rookie. Not the around-the-clock fun you’d expect it to be.

Photos taken from Ian Clark and Rudy Gobert’s Instagram.

Scott Rafferty