Pass of the Night: Anderson Varejao to Tristan Thompson (Video)

With good news on Andrew Bynum coming in recently, things are looking up for the Cleveland Cavaliers returning to the playoffs. Their success largely depends on the health of their best players – Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao and Bynum. Bynum is still not able to play, but Irving and Varejao are healthy again.

Last night the Cavs took on the Detroit Pistons in a preseason tilt at the Q. Leading the way, as usual, were Irving and Vareajo. Usually it’s Iriving who’s known for flashy plays, but it was Varejao turning in the best play last night.

Andy Varejao is known for many things – frustrating opponents, working hard, being good defensively, etc. – but what he’s not really known for is slick passing. So it came as quite a surprise when he turned in a beautiful feed to Tristan Thompson that landed him on “Pass of the Night.”

Late in the second quarter, with the Cavs leading 38-34, Alonzo Gee corralled a loose ball and started a fastbreak. He pushed it ahead, and found rookie Sergey Karsev on the right side of the floor. Karasev caught, and immediately fired the ball to a cutting Varejao, who caught it as he was cutting through the lane from left to right. As he secured the pass, the Cavs now had a two-on-one set up with Varejao and Tristan Thompson. Almost as soon as Varejao caught the pass, he slipped it behind-his-back to Thompson for a slam.


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