Pass of the Night: Marc Gasol to Quincy Pondexter (Video)

If I had to guess who the first player to show up for a second time in the “Pass of the Night” posts would be when I started this, I would have gone with Ricky Rubio. And if not Rubio, then Steve Nash or Chris Paul. But nope. It’s Memphis Grizzlies center, Marc Gasol! Congrats to you, Mr. Gasol, you are the first player to make a second appearance on Saving the Skyhook’s “Pass of the Night” feature.

Gasol’s passing is just one of the big Spaniard’s many talents, and he was showing it off again last night to the tune of 7 assists, as the Grizz took on the Milwaukee Bucks in another preseason game.

By far the most impressive of these passes took place early on in the first quarter. After picking off a pass down low, Gasol took off down the court, leading the fast break himself. With Tony Allen sprinting down the right side, and Quincy Pondexter filling the lane to the left, Gasol quickly found himself set up nicely with a three-on-one. Opposing him, as the only defender back for the Bucks, was Brandon Knight. (A position he’d probably prefer not to be in.)

As Gasol pounded down the court, he looked to his right, apparently about to hit Allen with a pass; at least this is what Knight, and those watching thought. Instead, Gasol flicked the ball to his left, hitting Pondexter in stride with the no-looker, which QPon finished off with a slam.

All in all, Gasol finished with 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists, while Pondexter led all scorers with 24 points, as the Grizzlies took home the very important preseason victory.


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