Pass of the Night: Royce White To Thaddeus Young (Video)

The Royce White saga has been long and draining, with many people finally choosing to just ignore the former Iowa State standout. After a trouble filled year with the Houston Rockets, the team finally had enough, and dealt White to the Philadelphia 76ers this summer. There has never been a question about White’s talent; it was whether or not White and his team could come to an agreement about working with his medical condition.

White seems have found a place with the Sixers this season, playing in the team’s last two preseason games. Last night, White and company took on the Brooklyn Nets at home in the Wells Fargo Center. Late  in the third quarter, White showed off the talent that got him drafted as the 16th overall pick.

White took the ball near his own free thrown line and started the fastbreak on his own. After easily beating the first defender, he found himself with a 4-on-2 situation, which he played beautifully. He took the middle lane (as he should have, being the ball handler on a break) and got to the paint, forcing one of the remaining defenders to stop him. With a shooter on each side and another teammate down low, White had a multitude of options, and he decided to put on a show. Turning his head to the right, he tricked the help defender into thinking the pass was going out to that corner. The defender jumps out try and close out on what he thinks is an upcoming pass. But White spots his frontcourt mate Thaddeus Young (now wide open) down low and flips a pass behind his head to him, which leads to an easy bucket.

It was a beautiful pass and a showcase of the wide range of skills that White possesses. Although the Sixers got blown out 127-97, White finished with 6 points, 3 assists and 3 rebounds.