Al Harrington Fools Andray Blatche (Video)

Over on NBATV tonight, the Brooklyn Nets are taking on the Washington Wizards in the first preseason games for both teams. It marks the Nets debut for both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, after they were traded from the Boston Celtics. Jason Kidd is also making his coaching debut after retiring as a player this summer.

Also playing in this game is Al Harrington. If you’re surprised that Al Harrington is still in the league, I completely understand, because I felt the same way. After playing only 10 games with Orlando last year, Harrington slipped off my NBA radar. He apparently caught on with the Washington Wizards at some point this offseason, something I was unaware of until tonight.

Late in the first quarter, with the Nets leading 28-27, Harrington found himself on the floor, and guarding the Nets’ Andray Blatche. For some reason, Blatche found himself with the ball on the post. As soon as he caught the ball, Blatche went through an array of moves to try and shake the wily Harrington. In the end however, Harrington made the best move of the sequence, “pulling the chair” on Blatche. The veteran move of quickly moving out of the way when he felt Blatche leaning against him sent the Nets big man tumbling to the ground.

It’s always fun to see someone “pull the chair” on an opponent. Thanks to Al Harrington for giving us all a laugh with the first one of the year. (And reminding everyone that he’s still in the league.)