Pass of the Night: Jeremy Lin to Dwight Howard (Video)

This is the start of a new daily post at Saving The Skyhook: Pass of the Night.  Every day we will post a video of the best pass(es) from the previous night’s action, along with reaction and/or analysis of the play. 

Yesterday was our first taste of NBA action, as multiple teams faced off in preseason games. One of those games was the Houston Rockets taking on the New Orleans Pelicans. The game featured a couple of NBA “firsts,” including the first game as the Pelicans for the New Orleans franchise, and Dwight Howard’s first game as a member of the Houston Rockets.

Mid-way through the first quarter, Howard got his first bucket as a Rocket, thanks to his new point guard, Jeremy Lin. After setting a screen, Howard began to float towards the basket. As he moved between two Pelicans defenders, Lin threaded a beautiful bounce pass right into Howard’s awaiting hands. After receiving the feed, Howard spun and dropped in a jump hook which gave Houston a 17-7 lead, and him his first two points in Red and White.

Lin plays this pick-and-roll exchange beautifully. Coming off the pick in control, he makes Jason Smith (#14 for the Pelicans) show towards him to prevent a drive or open shot. Then, Lin delivers the pass perfectly, hitting Howard before Smith can recover. Once Howard had the ball in that position, it was too late for the defense. Either a bucket or a foul was coming.


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