ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Readings From Across The Web

As you begin another week of work or school, catch up on the latest words written about basketball by checking out today’s suggested basketball reading.

SportVU, Synergy, and how we use fancy new data: By Tom Ziller (@teamziller

As we all are aware of by now, the analytics movement has been gaining steam, and will only continue to do so. One of the best parts about the movement has been the increased availability of this data to fans and the general public. However, this information can easily be misused and misinterpreted. Over at SB Nation, Tom Ziller writes about using this new data responsibly.

Is Hakeem Olajuwon’s Post-Up Play Training All It’s Cracked Up to Be?: By Brett Koremenos (@BKoremenos

This piece from, Brett Koremenos is a from a few days ago, but I was just made aware of it, so I’m sharing it now. It has become popular for big men across the league to seek out Hakeem Olajuwon and go to him for schooling in the art of post-up play. At Grantland, Koremenos tries to figure out what players can actually gain from the training, and if  it’s really as great as people assume it is.

An Oral History of Brandon Jennings and OVO: By Alex Hancock (@hancxck

Brandon Jennings had an exciting summer; he got traded to the Detroit Pistons and also got a new Drake album to listen to. It may not be common knowledge to casual fans, but Jennings is a huge fan of the Canadian rapper. Today is Jennings’ birthday, and over at Wack People Meet, Alex Hancock gives us a history of Jennings and his fascination with Drake.


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