ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across The Web

Start your weekend off by reading some of these great words about basketball. Here are today’s suggested basketball readings from across the web.

He Who Laid Himself Bare: By Jacob Greenberg (@jacobjbg)

Stephen Jackson was a fascinating player and one of Jacob Greenberg’s favorites of all time. Over at The Diss, Greenberg muses on Jackson’s career and his relationship (If you can call watching a person play basketball on TV, and occasionally in person, having a relationship with them. Which I think you can, but that’s a piece for another day) with Jackson the basketball player.

The Disregarded Development of Dion Waiters: By Jack Armstrong (@ArmstrongWinter

There are a lot of story-lines to consider when talking about the Cavaliers this year: Andrew Bynum in general, the team staying healthy, Kyrie Irving, young players taking “the next step,” etc. Well one of those young players is second year guard, Dion Waiters. There has been plenty of debate about his merits and whether or not he can become the player the Cavs probably need him to be. Well over at Hardwood Paroxysm, Jack Winter takes an in-depth look at how Waiters improved over his rookie season, and why we shouldn’t be so quick to disregard him.

Boston Celtics Mailbag: By Jay King (@ByJayKing)

The Celtics underwent a franchise overhaul this summer that has been well documented. With training camp on the horizon, Jay King over at Mass Live gives us a Celtics mailbag in which he discusses topics ranging from rookie big man Kelly Olynyk to new head coach Brad Stevens.


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