What We’ve Been Up To: Dylan at Sports on Earth

Being that so many of our writers are writing at so many different places outside of HP these days, from time to time we’re going to update y’all on what we’ve been up to lately.

Here’s Dylan Murphy writing about the NBA D-League referee tryouts:

Tucked away in a second-floor conference room are 27 males and two females, all of whom forked over $150 to be here at Basketball City on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Except they’re not players, and this isn’t quite an open tryout. These men and women are referees, and were selected after an online application process at nbaofficials.com to vet their officiating experience. Still, they are unknowns.

I highly recommend reading the full piece over at Sports on Earth. Dylan wrote and tweaked and edited it for a long time, and the final product is really fantastic.

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