ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across The Web

We’re back with more words for you to read about basketball. So let’s get to it. Here are today’s suggested basketball readings from across the web.

Hi! How Was Your Summer? Charlotte Bobcats: By Jack Winter (@ArmstrongWinter

The past few years have certainly been some barren times for basketball in Charlotte. The team’s win totals have in some cases even managed to be lower than the expectations set out for them. At Hardwood Paroxysm, Jack Winter writes about the Bobcats’ summer and their need for a culture change. With a string of top draft picks and a fairly big free agent signing in Al Jefferson, things may finally be moving in the right direction in Charlotte.

Synergy Sights: O.J. Mayo: By Dakota Schmidt (@Dakota_Schmidt)

It was certainly a busy offseason for the Milwaukee Bucks, as they made a number of free-agent signings, a few trades, and gave LARRY SANDERS! a contract extension. One of their free-agent pickups was O.J. Mayo whom they signed to replace Monta Ellis in the backcourt. Over at FanSided’s Behind The Buck Pass, Dakota Schmidt takes an in-depth look at what Mayo can bring to Milwaukee. Schmidt uses a number of video clips to show exactly what Mayo brings to the table.

You Better Do Something, Jerry Lewis!: By Seth Johnston (@seth_slabs)

Nearly everyone of a certain age remembers summers of watching the And1 Tour on ESPN as guys like Hot Sauce and The Professor took over cities on their mix-tape tour. Some, like Seth Johnston, were able to experience it first hand. Writing at The Diss, Johnston details his personal experience with the And 1 Tour.


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