Andre Drummond Turns Dreams Into Reality

Andre Drummond has always been a rather prolific user of social media, from Twitter to Instagram to Vine. This summer, however, Drummond took his social media game to a new level.

It started off inconspicuously with this Instagram post – a picture of former iCarly star Jennette McCurdy for #WCW. (#WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday.) Drummond just recently turned 20, so it makes sense; he probably watched the show growing up.

A few weeks later, he posted another #WCW picture of McCurdy. But alas, McCurdy was unaware of his love. Undeterred, Drummond put up yet another #WCW of McCurdy the next week. And finally, success.

Thus began weeks of flirting over Twitter and Instagram. They even set a date for McCurdy to watch Drummond play.


Slowly, a real relationship began to grow and more and more people started to take notice.

And then this weekend this happened.

And this.


Based on their social media accounts, the two have been spending the weekend together in Los Angeles, doing everything from playing laser tag to riding the carousel.

It’s awesome to see the two so happy to finally meet, especially after seeing evolution of their relationship from the very beginning. Drummond seems like a pretty cool guy. Congrats to him for turning dreams into reality.