ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across the Web

Yesterday, Tracy McGrady announced that he is retiring from the NBA. For today’s suggested readings, we bring you some great pieces written about the former star.

The Return of Tracy McGrady: By Cole Patty (@ColePatty)

This piece – from Cole Patty of Hickory High – is actually a few months old, but it is very relevant and well-written. Sparked by the return of McGrady to the NBA when he joined the San Antonio Spurs, Patty writes about his memories of what it was like to grow up watching McGrady. He also touches on just how special a talent T-Mac was.

RTOE: Bon Voyage, Tracy McGrady: By Hardwood Paroxysm 

In honor of McGrady’s retirement, the guys (including Matt Moore!) over at Hardwood Paroxysm were generous enough to bring us an RTOE. They discuss everything from his late career stints in various cities to his best YouTube clips. A fun roundtable on one of the early 2000’s greatest players.

Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson and the faults in our stars: By Tom Ziller (@TeamZiller)

Although both were essentially gone already, both Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady officially announced their retirements recently. Tom Ziller, of SB Nation writes a bit about the careers of these two stars. Each player’s reputation wasn’t always the greatest, due partly to faults of their own, but often especially from the narratives driven by the media. Ziller reminds us, as fans and media, to take a step back and appreciate the talents we get to watch.


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