(Video) Lionel Hollins Pushes Jerryd Bayless

Last night, the Grizzlies succumbed to the Spurs clinical and efficient play, and were eliminated from the playoffs, falling, 93-86 in Game 4.

It was certainly a frustrating series for the Grizzlies. They showed they were able to compete, bouncing back from a blowout loss in Game 1, but ultimately losing Games 2 and 3 in overtime. Game 4 was close, but the Spurs had control the whole way. In the end, Memphis was just beaten by the better team.

The frustration showed late in the 4th quarter, when head coach Lionel Hollins got into it with backup point guard Jerryd Bayless. As Bayless came to the bench with just a a a few minutes remaining, Hollins gave him a little shove. Hollins was clearly upset with something Bayless had done, and was letting him know it. An assistant coach stepped in, although it didn’t look like the situation was going to escalate.

Whatever Hollins was upset about must not have been that serious however, as Bayless would re-enter the game a few minutes later.

Bayless finished the game with 8 points on 3-10 shooting. For the series, Bayless averaged a little over 10 points a game on just 35% shooting from the field. Like the rest of the team, Bayless struggled to hit his jumper all series, in large part due to the great defense of San Antonio.