(Video) LeBron James Rises High To Block George Hill

By now, everyone is aware of LeBron James’ ability to block shots on the fast break. Time after time the past few years, LeBron has made incredible plays to chase down players and get a block. In fact, he’s done it so much and makes it look so easy, that we almost take it for granted.

His reputation for making those plays has even affected other players play. Knowing LeBron is behind them, chasing them down, changes their thought processes. Instead of going up strong, other players will sometimes adjust to a lower percentage shot so they don’t get blocked.

In the 3rd quarter of tonight’s Game 4, George Hill decided to test LeBron, and went right at him on a fast break. LeBron wasn’t chasing him down, rather coming at him from the side.

As Hill elevated for the layup, LeBron simply rose higher than the Pacers’ point guard and swatted the shot away. It was a magnificent display of athleticism by the game’s best player.

LeBron finished the night with 24 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, but the Heat fell to the Pacers, 99-92. And in a rare occurrence, LeBron fouled out of the game late in the 4th quarter on an offensive foul.