Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million To Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Yesterday, the state of Oklahoma was decimated by tornadoes. They were some of the worst tornadoes in history, including one that was over a mile wide. Whole neighborhoods and towns were destroyed, and there will be a lengthy and costly cleanup and restoration process.

Just a few miles south of Oklahoma City, where the Thunder play, lies the town of Moore, Oklahoma, which suffered the brunt of the storm.

In support of the victims, the Thunder’s star, Kevin Durant donated $1 million, the Red Cross tweeted this afternoon.

This is an awesome gesture from Durant, and what’s even cooler is that he never announced the donation. If it weren’t for the Red Cross, no one would ever have known that Durant donated the money. It wasn’t a PR ploy or attempt at good publicity. This was just Durant trying to do whatever he could to help out people in need.

Kevin Durant: Not Nice.