Quentin Richardson Brings Back The Head Tap

During garbage time of last night’s blowout win against the Pacers, New York Knicks forward Quentin Richardson made two three-pointers and celebrated the only way he knew how:


(Gif via Bleacher Report)

Perhaps one of the best parts of the celebration was that Iman Shumpert joined in from the bench. Shumpert like Richardson is a Chicago native and had to have grown up watching Q-Rich; Shump was at least 10 years old when Q-Rich and his former Los Angeles Clippers teammate Darius Miles used to celebrate big plays by tapping their heads:

Did we ever find out exactly what the double head tap signified? A quick look at the always helpful Yahoo! Answers lead to these wonderful results:


The real answer appears to be an ode to an alien antennas:

Since you mentioned it in last week’s mailbag, I thought I’d shed some light on the head-pounding thing that Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson do. They are pulling out their antenna, like an alien. I’ve read it’s the idea of “you better pay attention and get your antenna up.” Again, that’s the word on the street, but I could be wrong. It has happened before.

–Troy McGinty, Denver

Troy, my man, as far as the word on the street goes, I’m going to defer to you. The explanation sounds a tad more scholarly than I would’ve theorized, but maybe you’re right.

Via Jack McCallum’s Postseason potpourri mailbag from March 29, 2002

If the great Jack McCallum is going to believe the word on the street about the head tapping celebration of Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson then it must be true.

As long as the Knicks don’t replace their “It’s Three Points. Take that to the head.” celebration then I am good with Q-Rich reliving the glory days of the early 2000s. Keep head tapping Q-Rich.

Top image via New York Knicks Memes

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