Saving The Skyhook Roundtable: Our Favorite Plays Of The Playoffs

For this edition of the Saving The Skyhook roundtable, we asked our writers to pick their favorite play from the playoffs so far.

Jack Maloney (@jmaloney9) – Stephen Curry’s behind the back pass, followed by his three-pointer.

There were a number of plays from Curry that I could have picked, but my favorite play from his phenomenal first round performance was this behind the back pass that ended up leading to him burying a three in the corner. It showcased his playmaking ability and his shooting.

(1:55 mark of the video)

Vijay Shravah and Quentin Haynes (@Haynesenburg) – Nate Robinson’s runner off the glass.

Vijay – In a 3-OT thriller, Nate Robinson dazzled the crowd with his flurry of acrobatic shots on his way to 29 4th quarter and overtime points to lead the Bulls to a comeback win.  Namely this crazy floater from near three-point distance

Quentin – Nate Robinson’s one-handed runner to take the lead in OT against Brooklyn. It was so random. Think about everything that happened. Nate Robinson isolation. Nate Robinson going left to right and using all of his 5-9 frame to swoop over 6-3 Deron Williams with a one-handed shot. Watching the basket bank in. It was incredible.