Robert Swift’s Sad Tale Continues

Robert Swift in 2007 (Photo by Trena Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)

You may not remember Robert Swift, who had a short stint in the NBA with the Seattle SuperSonics and Oklahoma City Thunder. He entered the league out of high school, and was picked 12th overall by Seattle in the 2004 NBA Draft.

Unfortunately, in a pre-season game before the 2006-07 season, Swift tore his ACL. He stayed in the league a few more years, but was never able to stick. He hurt his knee again a few years later, and was finally released by the Thunder in 2009. He averaged 4.3 points and 3.9 rebounds per game for his career.

Afterwards, he played in a few different leagues around the U.S. and Japan. It was another sad tale of a young career derailed by injuries.

Since then, however, Swift’s tale has become even sadder. According to a report out of Seattle, Swift lost his home to foreclosure almost a year ago, but simply refused to leave.

Well, until this weekend.

“At some point this past weekend, Swift and others moved out of the home. The Dalzells had their first full look inside Monday.”

Inside was a sight no one wanted to see. Swift had been living in filth.

“Animal feces clogs the deck. Walls are punched out on different levels of the house. One even has an autograph. Pizza boxes and beer bottles are piled on the kitchen granite. Multiple guns were found in the home. Some appear to be air guns, but live ammo was also found. Dalzell said they also found a handgun.”

Even more depressing, is that Swift left all his memories behind.

“A box of letters from colleges around the nation sat pushed against a downstairs wall. It looked like another trash box. Crests and logos of UCLA, Arizona, UConn and others are jammed together as untold memories of what could have been for Swift. He never attended one of those powerhouse schools. He didn’t even open some of the letters. Swift was drafted right out of high school to play in Seattle as a pro.”

It doesn’t appear that anyone knows where Swift went, or whom he is with. Judging by his previous living conditions, it probably isn’t a good place. Hopefully Swift is able to get some help for whatever issues he is dealing with right now.