Pass of the Night: Chris Paul Throws 75-Foot Lob To Blake Griffin

At this point, lobs and dunks during Clippers games are a common occurrence. They happen so often, that people just expect to see Chris Paul throw up a pass and have Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan slam it home with some crazy finish.

But last night, Paul and Griffin raised the bar with a 75-foot alley-oop. Late in the second quarter, after a missed Byron Mullens three (shocking, I know), the ball was batted around until finally Paul came up with it. At this point, Griffin was already streaking down court. Paul looked up and threw an inch-perfect lob from the Clippers’ three-point line that Griffin finished with ease.

Griffin finished with 24 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists, while Paul added 13 assists as the Clippers easily took care of business with a 106-84 victory over the lowly Bobcats.