NBA Trade Rumors: Oklahoma City Thunder discuss acquiring Marcin Gortat for Kendrick Perkins

Jan 6, 2013; Toronto, ON, Canada; Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins (5) against the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre. The Thunder beat the Raptors 104-92. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Phoenix Suns are discussing a deal that would bring Marcin Gortat and P.J. Tucker to OKC in exchange for Kendrick Perkins, rookie Jeremy Lamb and a first-round pick.

For Phoenix, it’s now easier to talk about who hasn’t been mentioned in trade rumors. They have everyone on the block. I would love this deal for the Thunder, not so much for the Suns, but I get what they’re trying to do in Phoenix.

The Thunder get a major upgrade at center over Perkins, who doesn’t even play crunch time minutes for them anymore. Gortat fits perfectly along side Ibaka in the frontcourt, bringing necessary scoring to the 5-position, as well as the same shot-blocking ability as Perkins did. The only thing they really lose is that Perkins “toughness” quotient, but really, has anbody ever called Gortat soft? The offensive upgrade alone makes this deal a win for OKC. He’s also cheaper than Perkins. And with more minutes in Phoenix, P.J. Tucker has shown that he’s capable of handling tough defensive assignments, which may be utilized come playoff time or should anything happen to Sefolosha. The loss of Jeremy Lamb, now being tossed around as a constant trade chip, as well as the pick, won’t set the Thunder back at all.

The acquisition of Lamb will mean more for the Suns, as they can find minutes for him coming off the bench. At this point, he’s approaching the path of wasted lottery pick, so this may be his chance to show his value. Perkins will simply replace Gortat in the starting lineup, look disinterested and angry at every glance, and eventually leave when free agency starts up again for him in 2015-16 or demand a trade out of a “bad situation.” Perk should be motivated to raise his value and somewhat stand out while playing with this collection of players.

Report courtesy of Paul Coro, Arizona Republic. Article can be found here.

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