15-Footer 11/29/2012: Cheap Seats Edition

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If you missed the debut of the 15-Footer, Cheap Seats edition on Tuesday, don’t fret as it will be a recurring theme. There are some pretty good deals on tonight’s games, so if you live in Miami or Oakland take advantage.

There are only two games on the NBA schedule tonight, which is a nice lil’ break from last night’s eleven games. Plus there is a new episode of Parks and Rec.

San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat – 8 PM EST

Cost: Quite surprising to see tickets are very reasonably priced to see two of the top teams in the league. For $30 or less, there are a handful of options in the upper level; the cheapest choice is $24, so fan up Miami!

But if you can’t make it to the game, look forward to hearing Charles Barkley tonight, who will be adding his colorful commentary for this game on the TNT broadcast.

The Heat are 6-0 at home. Can the Spurs give them their first home loss? This seems extremely doubtful since Coach Gregg Popovich sent Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green home so they can get some rest. The Spurs have done this kind of thing before on the tail end of a back to back, but they played the Orlando Magic last night in a game that resulted in a blowout win where Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan already got significant rest.

More info on the Spurs resting the Big 3 + Green from Spurs Nation:

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green did not travel with the team after Wednesday night’s win in Orlando, instead heading back to South Texas this morning for an extra day of rest leading up to Saturday’s sure-to-be-rugged home game against Memphis.

“We’re getting tired,” Popovich said. “We’ve had a six-day trip and a 10-day trip. Usually you don’t have that in one month.”

By choosing to dispatch his four top healthy scorers home – the Big Three plus Green combine to average 57.9 points per game – Popovich clearly sent the signal that he cares more about keeping his team fresh than about television ratings and winning streaks.

It is not the first time he has made that unpopular choice.

Popovich memorably held the entire Big Three and others out of three games last season: Once in a 137-97 loss at Portland in February, and in nationally televised victories over Phoenix and Golden State to close the regular season in April.


Read: HP’s Godfather, Matt Moore, broke down how the Heat can stop/slow down the Spurs’ efficient offense, give it a read before the tip.

Important side note: Matt Bonner is currently leading the league in 3-point percentage, shooting 63%; I’m really hoping that this will be the year that he finally gets an invite to the 3-point shootout.

Denver Nuggets at Golden State Warriors – 10:30 PM EST

Cost: $1! That’s right there are tickets available to a good Western Conference matchup for $1!

If those tickets sell out by the time you click over there are plenty of tickets available for less than $5. I am pretty sure JaVale McGee’s Twitter account is worth more than that.

Even though the season basically started a month ago, this will be the third matchup between the Nuggets and the Warriors; the Nuggets are 2-0 in the series and beat the Warriors by 11 in their last matchup.

This should be a fun watch, since you never will know what can happen with either team. Will JaVale dunk all over the Warriors? Will the Warriors “rain” supreme from long distance and hit an ungodly amount of threes? Tune in to find out!

Read: Grantland’s Zach Lowe offers up some insight into Golden State’s improved defense.

Important side note:

This Harrison Barnes’ dunk “will forever be known as Flight of the Falcon.

Fly high, you falcons. Fly high.

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