Top NBA Players: #8 Derrick Rose

Apr 25, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose (1) shoots as Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough (50) defends at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Derrick Rose
Resume: 21.8 points, 3.4 rebounds, 7.9 assists, 35.3 minutes, 44% FG, 31% 3PT, and 81% FT… Team record in games played: 32-7 (18-9 without)… Playoffs: 23 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists, 1-0 record (1-4 without)… All-Star, 11th in MVP Voting

Hey football fans, remember last season when Peyton Manning missed the whole year and the Colts stumbled to 2-14 record with the three-headed monster of Curtis Painter, Dan Orlovsky and Kerry Collins at quarterback? I made the case that Peyton Manning should’ve won MVP because the Colts stunk like rotten egg fart without him. Well last season Derrick Rose missed a good chunk of time and the Bulls managed to win 67% of their games without Rose. Even though he was off to another MVP caliber year (highlighted by a pretty convincing outplaying of Chris Paul and a furious comeback vs. Atlanta early in the season), the loss of Rose didn’t feel nearly as drastic as the Peyton Manning situation because the Bulls were so good defensively and so well coached. Then the playoffs started and Derrick Rose tragically went down in the 4th quarter of game one, a game the Bulls were leading by double digits with less than two minutes left. In that moment, you instantly knew that the Bulls had absolutely no chance of making an extended run in the playoffs.

I don’t know if the recipe to winning a title is having your point guard shoot 23 times a game and only shoot 39 % from the field (Rose’s 2011 playoff stats). However, it became very clear that the Bulls championship recipe was missing a key ingredient when their most talented player (one of the most talented and God-given athletic players in the league) was suddenly on the sideline with a torn ACL. It became a double-whammy when we all started to see that Rose the heart and soul of the Bulls as well. When Rose was on the ground writhing in pain you could almost sense the Bulls conceding their season. It was like the city of Chicago was hit with the worst stomach punch you could imagine and the collective air of the city was lost in that very instant. It was a totally devastating for Rose, the Bulls, Chicago and the NBA.

As someone who obviously is a die-hard basketball fan, the Rose injury hit me pretty hard. You don’t want any players to get injured like that, but Rose would’ve been a top three guy on my wish-list going into last season of players you absolutely do not want to suffer a career altering injury. It goes deeper than the obvious reasons like the fact that his all-world speed, quickness, jumping ability, athleticism and shiftiness all could be drastically compromised. From what we know about Derrick Rose, it seems like he has an insatiable love for the game of basketball and it’s hard not to feel for a guy like that when it’s taken away from him so swiftly.

Can Rose come back and be the player he was prior to the injury? With all of the advancements in surgery it’s not totally far-fetched to believe that if Adrian Peterson can come back from a torn ACL in less than 10 months and have a pro-bowl caliber season, then Derrick Rose can return at some point and remain one of the NBA’s best players. If Rose can retain 90% of his explosiveness then he might come back as a better player than he was before. Maybe Rose returns with a better understanding of the game, a more consistent jump shot and an even greater hunger to be the best player in the world. It’s not out of the question. However, there is some uncertainly. I initially had Rose ranked in the mid-teens because there were question marks surrounding when he would return and how effective he would be when he did return. Some of those question marks disappeared, or at least momentarily became irrelevant when I watched the series of “The Return of D Rose” videos on You Tube. Watch the videos and try to tell yourself Rose can’t make it all the way back. It’s impossible.


  • Chris

    You put Rose ahead of Wade because…? Wade was MUCH more efficient offensively (more points per game despite less minutes played, much higher FG%), and is in a different league than Rose defensively.

    Maybe you could justify it by saying Wade was injured for most of last season and his team played great without him — but wait, Rose was injured most of last season and his team played great without him.

    The world has gone mad.

    • scott

      yeah the d league. Derrick played great d when he wasn’t hurt. Rose’s career fg% is only 2 points lower than wade’s is. And it does make a difference when lebron has to be double teamed, leaving wade with mismatches. Derrick faces double and triple teams every time down the court. He’s a better free throw and three point shooter. Rose has more assists and less turnovers per game than Wade. Wade’s defense is a myth, he gets defensive stats by playing passing lanes, while not actually staying in front of his man, which compromises the defense. Wade also is one of the worst transition defenders in nba history because he’s to busy berating the refs. Don’t cherry pick stats, stats are only useful when accompanied by watching the game. All this being said, I think the two are close, but let’s not act like Wade is way better at anything on a basketball court than Rose.

  • Sonny Giuliano

    If Wade went down in the playoffs you couldn’t definitively say that Miami’s title chances had disappeared like you could with the Bulls when Rose got hurt. Rose means alot more to the Bulls than Wade does to Miami. Plus, you have to consider that Wade may be a more efficient scorer because he is playing with two other All-Stars who require alot of attention defensively. Rose is the Bulls offense. Granted, I don’t think Rose isolating play after play is the best way to succeed, but that is really all Chicago has.

    Trust me, it was a close call. There were times when I had Wade ahead of Rose, but ultimately this is what I decided on. Thanks for reading and commenting though.

    • Chris

      Well, I understand all those considerations going into who is MVP, that’s why Rose won it two years ago, even though there were better players (yes, including Wade). But I thought this was a list of best players — not who was MVP.

      And the fact that Wade plays with two allstars goes both ways — means less of the offense is focussed on him, but it also means he gets the ball less. His stats took a hit when Lebron came on, though not by much. And Wade has always been a more efficient scorer, even without Lebron, if you want to go that far back. I just don’t see how you (and espn) can put Rose ahead of Wade, it makes no sense to me. Wade finished third in the league in PER, espn’s own metric (and that by a hair, as he was second in PER all year long until the end of the season when he started battling injuries again).

      They were both injured and missed significant chunks of the season and played through injuries, but Wade definitely played better. The same goes for Dwight Howard — I don’t know how he gets a pass for last season when Wade doesn’t.

      I still think the world has gone mad.

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