15 Footer 2/20/12: Hail to the Chief

Image via theclyde on Flickr

It’s Presidents’ Day! Or is it President’s? Or just Presidents? Or maybe just Washington’s Birthday, with a dash of Lincoln sprinkled on top? According to Google, it is apparently option 3.

Atlanta at Chicago (4:00 PM, ESPN)
Did you know President Obama is a huge Chicago Bulls fan? Sure you did. How do I know? Because you watch basketball on TV, which means you don’t live under a rock.

New Jersey at New York (7:30 PM, Local)
New Jersey is the birthplace of only one American president: Grover Cleveland. However, Woodrow Wilson was also from New Jersey, he just wasn’t born there. You may remember him as the President who scored 14 points in a FIBA game against Germany in 1919. New York’s got the Roosevelts, and they were awesome. That’s not even partisan opinion. That’s just a fact.

Boston at Dallas (8:00 PM, TNT)
Speaking of chiefs (as in “Hail to the”), here’s some sweet Robert Parish footage:


Memphis at Houston (8:00 PM, Local)
Houston is home to George Herbert Walker Bush International Airport (IAH, for those in the know/frequenters of Kayak.com). You may remember him as the President you picture as Dana Carvey in costume as opposed to himself. Here is some sweet George HW Bush footage:


Orlando at Milwaukee (8:00 PM, Local)
What does “Florida” have to do with US Presidents? Well this is the only thing I could think of, and I hate it.

New Orleans at Oklahoma City (8:00 PM, Local)
After last night’s performance, I would like to vote for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as the next president and vice-president of the United States. Serge Ibaka can be Secretary of Defense.

Minnesota at Denver (9:00 PM, Local)
Here’s the closest Minnesota has come to the presidency since Walter Mondale:

Washington at Phoenix (9:00 PM, Local)
Little know fact: Washington, DC was named after President George Washington. Ya learn something new every day. Also, I want this current Wizards team to win the title this year, just so we can be witness to these men meeting the President in the fall. I can’t properly express how awesome that would be to watch.

San Antonio at Utah (9:00, PM Local)
Fun Election Year fact alert! Texas and Utah both gained seats in the electoral college for this year. You know what that means… well, just basically that the votes from their states weigh more heavily in the electoral vote for the next president. That’s pretty much it.

LA Clippers at Golden State (10:30, PM Local)
Ronald Reagan: California Love.

Portland at LA Lakers (10:30, PM TNT)
Here’s all you need to know about the Oregon Boundary Dispute. And here’s a little bit extra you didn’t need to know, based on the episode of The Brady Bunch entitled “Fifty-Four Forty and Fight!”

Since the boys and girls cannot decide on a mutually satisfactory prize, they hold a contest to determine who gets all of the family’s combined trading stamps.


Enjoy the games everyone!

Amin Vafa

Amin grew up in Cleveland, lives in DC, and somehow still manages to love watching professional basketball.