Lion Face/Lemon Face 1-26-12: It Was A Bar Fight



Lion Face: Boston Celtics

The Celtics somehow came back from the dead without both Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen and overcame a 27-point deficit to beat the Magic by double digits. The went on a 44-16 run to end the game, and only one lineup they used in the second half had a negative plus/minus rating. Boston held the Magic to 83 points on 38.0% shooting for the game, with just 25 of those points coming in the second half. THEY GAVE UP SEVEN POINTS IN THE FOURTH QUARTER! This was a galvanizing win for a team that needed one in the worst way.

Lemon Face: Orlando Magic











Shot Chart via ESPN

The Magic wilted under the pressure of a stingy Celtics defense in the second half. They shot 6-for-17 in the third quarter and followed that up by going an embarrassing 2-for-17 in the fourth. They let a 27-point lead disappear and came away with nothing to show for it. They had no answers once they Celtics started getting up inside them and they let it get under their skin. It really looked like this team self-destructed in the second half, and it could wind up being a sign of things to come. Worst of all, they gave the Celtics life when they could have put them in the ground. Nope, wait. The worst part is Dwight Howard says they have to “change.” Read that however you like, friends.

Lion Face: E’Twaun Moore

The rookie from Purdue had the best game of his young career, pouring in 16 points on in 18 minutes on just 6 shots. He went 4-for-4 from three and the Celtics were plus-27 while we was on the court. He and Avery Bradley spent a lot of time pressuring ball-handlers in the second half and they were able to throw Orlando off their rhythm.

Lemon Face: Dwight Howard

The Magic built their big lead with their big man on the bench with foul trouble. Once he came back in, everything started to fall apart. He was a game-low minus-25, and the next lowest man on the team had a minus-9 rating.  Dwight blocked zero shots for just the second time all season. And in the fourth quarter he was physically dominated by…

Lion Face: Kevin Garnett

Garnett, for the second time this week, looked quite good against the Magic. He bodied up Dwight Howard in one of the most physical match-ups of the season so far. He repeatedly moved Dwight off his spot, wouldn’t let him catch the ball and frustrated him to the point that you could tell Howard was going to mentally check out. He slapped up 12 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and 4 blocks. He blocked 3 shots and recorded 2 steals in the third quarter alone. The Celtics were plus-23 while he was on the court and minus-12 in the 13 minutes he was off. And then after the game he caught up with TNT’s Craig Sager…


That one is going in the pantheon of KG post game interviews. He drops “bar fight” 8 times in the first 18 seconds, forgets Craig is doing an interview, claims Doc Rivers has never told him anything untrue, congratulates Ray Allen on the birth of his child and says the phrase “we was down whatever we was down.” This is the stuff of legends.

Lemon Face: The Grizzlies Throwbacks

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The Grizzlies, in their yellow jerseys and green shorts, really did look like the old-timey Oakland Athletics out there. Those things were just straight up unruly.







Lion Face: The Clippers Buffalo Braves Los Angeles Stars (h/t to our own Curtis Harris) Throwbacks

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The Clips throwbacks, on the other hand, looked great. I’m a sucker for the powder blues.

Lemon Face: O.J. Mayo

OJAM was looking for his own shot wayyyy too much, especially in the second half. I’m not sure he passed the ball once after halftime. He finished the game 5-for-17 from the field and 3-for-8 from three and scored just 14 points on those shots. He had but one assist on the game and the two guys he spent most of the game guarding combined for 35 points on 26 shots.

Lion Face: Blake Griffin

Once again enacting my “one rebound and two assists away from a triple double gets you a lion face every time” rule. (For more on triple doubles, don’t forget to read Noam Schiller’s work from earlier today)

Lemon Face: Double Digit First Half Leads

The Magic and Clippers gave em away like they were going out of style.

Lion Face: Subaru Using The Pogues in an advertisement


If companies keep using bands I like as background music in commercials, I’ll keep Lion Face-ing them.

Lemon Face: Washington Wizards

When Charles Barkley says this:

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Then you get a Lemon Face. It’s a little-known rule.


Jared Dubin

Jared Dubin is a New York lawyer and writer. He is the co-editor in chief of Hardwood Paroxysm and the HPBasketball Network.