Got Skillz: Sheed Week Edition

In 2002, Rasheed Wallace hosted a hip-hop show on Portland’s sadly defunct Jammin’ 95.5. I remember listening to it, but I can remember precisely nothing about it. I had hoped to find episodes online, but then I remembered that YouTube didn’t exist in 2002, and local radio shows hosted by NBA players in small markets aren’t the kind of thing people were compelled to record and save back then.

What I did find, though, amounts to a mini-treasure trove of Sheed bars. To begin with, his taste is unimpeachable. He probably doesn’t own 14 copies of Take Care like Brandon Jennings does. He’s more of a Wu-Tang guy, as this SportsCenter clip shows. They call it a freestyle, but it’s actually Nas’ (phenomenal) verse on “Verbal Intercourse,” a track from Raekwon’s peerless Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. (Note: This one is fine since it’s from an ESPN broadcast, but the rest of this videos in this post can safely be classified as “NSFW.”)

Next up is “P.H.I.L.L.Y.,” from a group called 100X. Sheed’s is the third verse. As you might expect, he mixes some hoops rhymes in with repping his hometown of Philadelphia. For an NBA player, he’s a more than respectable rapper:

I have no idea where this freestyle comes from or when it was recorded, but it’s mostly notable for clearing things up for those who confuse him with Joe Budden, which is obviously a common mistake that needed to be addressed.

This last one might contain subtle drug references, something nobody would ever expect from Sheed. I don’t know when this freestyle was recorded, but it had to be post-retirement. Any active player dropping bars like “In my right hand a drink, in the left is a J” would probably get fined. On the other hand, would that stop Sheed? He’d likely just CTC and act like it never happened.

Sean Highkin

Sean Highkin is a staff writer at Hardwood Paroxysm and a writer for the ESPN TrueHoop blogs Portland Roundball Society and Magic Basketball. He has also written for The Classical, among other sites. You can follow him on Twitter at @shighkinNBA. He can be reached by email at highkin (dot) sean (at) gmail.