Guaransheed Confusion

Although Character X was already dead, he had an infection inside him that, if left alone, would blossom and make Character X a potentially dangerous force.

You cannot heal this infection, Character A explained. You cannot treat it with medication. You can only kill Character X.

Character B disagreed. Character X was his friend. He couldn’t kill him. He had to roll the dice and hope Character A was wrong.

I am not wrong, Character A said simply. We are endangering everyone’s lives by letting Character X live.

And I was watching this thinking, “My God, Character X is Rasheed Wallace! We let him live, and now he’s destroying everyone on the island! Why didn’t we take him out in time? WHY DIDN’T WE TAKE HIM OUT IN TIME????????”

Bill Simmons, on Sheed’s destructive and slow infection of the Celtics. Also, some stuff about LOST.

Another day, another up-close glimpse at a Wizards loss. Now, I’m not saying that any particular person brought in some sort of infectious losing culture to the team. I’m just saying that the team has a losing culture that’s hard to kick. It can be kicked, and I believe it will be kicked. Maybe not anytime soon, but in due time. There are some good pieces on this team, solid defensive and offensive pieces that will serve as this team’s core going forward. Then there are other parts of this team that make little sense, parts that make you wonder what the point of a playbook is if plays keep breaking. I think, though, the reason the Wizards are so perplexing is that sometimes both of those parts come from the same players. Flashes of brilliance. Abject incompetence. Basket-to-basket energy. Jog-jog-jog-delayed hand in the air. Fast break basket to get your team back in the game. Patting yourself on the back before you get there.

We have some players that look for highlights instead of substance.

Flip Saunders, anti-showboating advocate


To McGee’s credit, maybe he only made his highlight to neutralize Chandler Parsons’s highlight (via @Truth_About_It):

Oof. They’ll get there. They will. They have to, right? Right?

Amin Vafa

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