15 Footer 1/15/12: There’s the Truth and the Truth

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Golden State Warriors vs. Detroit Pistons (6pm EST)

The Truth: Both of these teams stink. If it weren’t for the Cesspool on the Potomac, they’d be duking it out for worst record in the league. However, not all crumminess is created equal. The Warriors may be less crummy than their record indicates since they have a -5.9 point differential. The Pistons meanwhile have earned every bit of their putrid record with a -9.3 differential.

And the Truth: But don’t worry Pistons fans and enthusiasts, Greg Monroe is coming along quite nicely, especially on the offensive end. A gorgeous 16.6 ppg, 9 rpg, and 3 apg to go with 57.5% FG and 80.5% FT shooting. Wrap all that together and you get a nice bundled PER of 26.4. And with David Lee and other assorted Warriors big men trying to play defense, Monroe could be in for a huge game.

Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets (8pm EST)

The Truth: With the way Oklahoma City is juggernauting, neither of these teams has much of a chance to win the Northwest Division. In a geographically imperfect world, we could relocate Denver and Utah to the Atlantic and Denver would be the favorite to take the division with Utah a darling pick to make some unexpected noise. Alas, the Sixers are running the Atlantic roost right now.

And the Truth: Despite the thundering glass ceiling placed above their heads, the Jazz and Nuggets have encompassed a delightful team spirit. Each team runs deep, perhaps too deep in some spots, like the Jazz frontcourt. Only Al Jefferson is playing over 30 minutes a night for the Jazz and only Gallo and Lawson are doing the same for the Nuggets.

So there will be lots of talented bodies thrown onto the court tonight in the Mile High City and this is my pick for the game to fixate your redoubtable attention on.

Phoenix Suns vs. San Antonio Spurs (9pm EST)

The Truth: These teams are old.These teams aren’t going to win the title, or even make the playoffs as is the case with Phoenix. And they’ve employed Ike Diogu and Sebastian Telfair during the course of this season.

And the Truth: However, there are good things to be said about the Spurs. They’re currently 1st in their division, yet again, despite Tim Duncan inhabiting the doldrums of his career. Tony Parker has been his usual self, but DaJuan Blair, Tiago Splitter, Richard Jefferson, Kawhi Leonard and even TJ Ford have all stepped up their play to compensate not just for Duncan’s lesser minutes but also Ginobili’s unfortunate broken hand. The defense is porous but just good enough (17th in defensive rating) to let the offense win the game (3rd in offensive rating).

And let’s see, a good thing about the Suns…


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Hakeem Olajuwon is my favorite player ever, so I’m genuinely trying to make you feel better Arizona.

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