The New Normal

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So last Thursday evening, I was struggling to find something on TV. I landed on Community, which was really hilarious. I watched the first few minutes of Parks&Rec then changed the channel during a commercial break, and found myself channel-surfing way too long. So then I fired up my Xbox to watch something on Netflix. I picked The Girl Who Played with Fire, because, why not?

Why not, indeed. It was Thursday night during the NBA season. Well, it was supposed to be, anyway. And I didn’t get to watch my regular weekly Thursday night TNT double-header. From June 2009 to August 2011, I worked full time and was in grad school in the evenings. Keeping up with the characters and plotlines of regular network TV was pretty much out of the question for me and my schedule, but every Thursday I could come home after class and catch the 2nd half of the East Coast game and the 1st half of the West Coast game before I passed out from exhaustion. I could keep up with NBA characters through articles, tweets, podcasts, and youtube clips. The drama and comedy lasted through the whole season. Each episode was a product of the one before it and affected the one after it, but you could always tune in for one game and still not miss a beat. This year, I was going to get the chance to watch both games with my wife and our friends, but no dice. Now we’ll finally get the chance to catch up on our NBC and FX from the past two seasons.

According to multiple reports and Matt Moore’s depressing tweets, the standoff between the owners and players is getting worse, and the entire season is legitimately threatened. Sometime over the next several months, an agreement will be worked out to bring professional basketball back. And when it comes back, it’ll certainly be a treat. But it shouldn’t be a treat. It should be a given. It should have been there on Thursday. And I don’t want to have to get used to the fact that it won’t be on every week, but I will. Now even though I’ll get to hang out with Troy and Abed every week, I’m a little sad I won’t get to hang out with Marv and Kevin instead.

Amin Vafa

Amin grew up in Cleveland, lives in DC, and somehow still manages to love watching professional basketball.