North American’s Guide to Euroleague

I realize that I may have gotten ahead of myself with some of this Euroleague coverage. Without a strong base for how the Euroleague is run, some readers and I may get lost with some of this coverage. So let’s just take a look with how Euroleague is structured.

How does a team qualify for Euroleague?

Unlike the NBA, team’s participation in the league isn’t automatic. Euroleague is a mash of the best, most popular pro teams from several autonomous, domestic European pro leagues. To determine which teams qualify for Euroleague, the governing body, ULEB, uses a licensing system.

The A Licenses grant automatic entry into the Euroleague for three years at a time. These licenses are awarded based on a formula of competitive balance, television revenues and home attendance. The ULEB suspended Virtus Roma’s A license after the club finished in the bottom half of its domestic league. To compensate, the ULEB awarded a license to Asseco Prokom Gdynia. 13 total A licenses are awarded. In addition, there is another ‘wild card’ license. It is awarded for three years and is based on A license criteria. How this is different from the A license is a mystery to me. Continue Reading