Around the Network: October 16, 2011

Today, there is more lockout talk from A Royal Pain, Lake Show Life, and Pippen Ain’t Easy.

In other pretty big news, The Sixer Sense reports that the Philadelphia 76ers have been sold:

This officially ends the tenure of Comcast-Spectacor’s ownership – a group seemingly committed to spending but not one to show much public care for the team: Chairman Ed Snider was thought to “not care” as much about the Sixers as he did the Flyers. While that may be true, that did not make him a “bad” owner. He was willing to spend and do what he can to improve the roster and team.

Roberto Gato looks at Moneyball in Basketball:

. . .finding the most economically adventageous players you can, drafting with stats in mind rather than scouted feelings.  It follows the Oakland A’s through the 2002 season.  Billy Beane and his staff were doing things differently and were the precursors to an evolution in the way baseball teams were formed.

We’re Bucked:

Andrew Bogut took to Twitter yesterday with an Aussie idea that might just work.  Might he have an idea that could serve as the intro video for the team in 2012?

Dunking with Wolves has a list of the highest earners:

There are some obvious names on the list, but there are also a few head scratchers.  Shaquille O’Neil and Kevin Garnett are #1-2 on the list by a landslide, nearly $100 million ahead of the list’s #3 earner Kobe Bryant.

Buckets Over Broadway continues its list of greatest Knicks:

Well, we’re into Legends Territory.  It’s fun to go back and look at Earl Monroe’s numbers – and mostly, how underwhelming they are for a player of his stature – because they just highlight exactly how he got to where he is.  Not with numbers, but by helping reinvent the game and bring it into the modern era.

And finally, Air Alamo has a hell of an oop worth looking at.

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