Here’s Kevin Durant Rapping

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Yup, that’s Kevin Durant! Unfortunately, I don’t have another lockout-inspired music video for you, but look at how happy he is on stage with Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City. It’s cool to see those two up there together after having to hear all that garbage about them not getting along last postseason. We should already know by now that everything’s cool between KD and Russ — watching ‘em here reinforces how absurd all the controversy was.

I know I’m not alone when I say the The Thunder are the team I’m most excited to watch if/when the season gets going. If I was putting an enormous list together, I’d have OKC’s emergence as a true title contender as THE most interesting subplot to follow. I’ll be rooting for Westbrook to silence his critics and for Durant to be up there in the MVP conversation. I’ll be looking for the next step from a starting James Harden and for signs that Kendrick Perkins’s relative ineffectiveness last season had more to do with his health than anything else. This is a team that’s impossible not to like and it’s no surprise that its players genuinely love being part of the organization. Here’s hoping the next video we post of a Durant-Westbrook connection takes place on the court.

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