Lockout Jamz: Anger


If the reports are true and the league set a negotiating point before agreeing to a meeting, players are right to be angry. But union director Billy Hunter is apparently flying to Los Angeles for a meeting with players, and isn’t planning to be in New York on Monday. That can only anger the league further, as it is likely meant to do.

Via “NBA Lockout Talks Devolve Into Last-Gasp Gun-Waving As League, Union Says There’ll Be No Monday Meeting” by Tom Ziller

Well, there you have it. The summation of this past week’s general inactivity. Inactivity that was only interrupted for roundabout public sparring. Oh and also supposed haughty demands from the NBA to players on pre-conditions to any negotiation session. It appears that all the bridges have been burned and we’re facing the cancellation of regular season games come Monday. Tim Donahue of 8pts9seconds said it best on Twitter  (@toothpicksray) about the current impasse:

It appears the last (and only serious) round of negotiations have failed to produce any harmony as the sides just can’t agree to a final split on basketball related income. Negotiations have seemingly reached a level where both sides need to have an intermediary step in and reasonably communicate what the other is proposing. Otherwise, I fear animosity may cloud the ability for both sides to hear the other out. Too many scars. Too much frustration. Too much anger.

To release our frustration, Marvin Gaye will serenade us with the song “Anger” from his Here, My Dear album. Hopefully, the two sides release the frustration soon and get back to business.


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