Your Metta World Peace Update

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These here are dark times. My Google Reader is all lockout everything. Taking a look at TweetDeck, it seems some progress was made today, but they’re not meeting tomorrow and the rest of the preseason will be cancelled soon, meaning more harm done to workers who have nothing to do with this mess. Whoopee.

Media members waited so long for today’s talks to end that some of them lost a bit of their sanity:

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At this point, I can’t blame you if you’ve lost yours, too, and have missed some of the other developments around the NBA. Me, I’m BRI’d out. This is why I’m here to bring you a Metta World Peace update.

Sadly, World Peace is not on Dancing With The Stars anymore and he hasn’t scheduled any more comedy shows, but he’s always up to something, like challenging Kevin Durant in streetball. It seems his lockout plan is to gather a team of non-pro players in NYC and play ball for money. If you want to take his team on, you can email him, but he really wants to play against pro players. Apparently, he has never lost at Rucker Park. Oh, and he considers himself a pretty good defender/shooter:

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If you’re wondering what our hero is up to right now, he’s apparently in L.A. working on TWO movies and a music video for his daughter’s single, “Fighter.” Between all this and the charity donations, I’d say his summer makes for a much more interesting story than whatever’s going on in those boardrooms. Even when there’s cake involved.


UPDATE: World Peace has acknowledged that Scottie Pippen might be a better defender. Also, he speaks to John Green (the beer-thrower from the Palace, not the writer) “like every other day.” Wow.

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