Around the Net: September 29, 2011

Today’s theme isn’t as fun as yesterday’s NBA 2K12 theme.


NBA Lockout makes Sad Ian sad.

There are lockout reports and opinions from Lake Show Life, Fully Clips, Blue Man Hoop and Howard the Dunk.

My opinion on the lockout? Get it done fellas, so I can stop providing menial coverage of Euroleague.

In other news, Ben Wallace is felonious.


Life on Dumars has details on Wallace’s arrest last Saturday.

From Fully Clips:

I couldn’t imagine Kevin Durant making coffee at a local doughnut shop or Kobe Bryant selling electronics. I could never imagine any sports athlete working at any local establishments for that matter.

My imagination was spurn after seeing two tweet’s and photo’s from Delonte West.

Pro-Am games have been big news ever since the lockout started. I don’t really like them. I prefer organized basketball where people actually run real offensive sets, rotate on defense and try. However it is fun to see NBA players occasionally clown lesser mortals. Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins have done this often.

The Sixer Sense has been counting down the 30 greatest Sixers of All-Time. What an impressive list. Not surprising, since it’s one of the more storied NBA franchises. I’m really rooting for Dr. J to take the number 1 spot because I’ve despised AI since he destroyed my beloved Bucks in the 2001 ECF.

Speaking of the Milwaukee Bucks, We’re Bucked unveiled the Bucks 2000s All-Decade Team. Were the 1 through 3 positions dominated by the 2001 team? Yes, yes they were. But I believe there is an argument to be made for Michael Redd over Ray Allen. I will not be the one to make that argument.


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