Around the Net: September 27, 2011

Hello fans of Saving the Skyhook (Skyhookers? STSers? Neither are very flattering, so let’s just stick with fans).

I’m Ian Segovia. Formerly, I blogged at the ESPN TrueHoop Network site, Bucksketball. Currently, I still blog at Bucksketball, but now I have taken editing duties here.

The beginning of my reign is going to start off very underwhelming. Between a job interview and seeing a friend of mine off before he goes to boot camp, all I have to offer today are links. But rest assured things are going to get really funky and weird around here in the future.

From Pippen Ain’t Easy:

NEW YORK — After word came down that games will be cancelled due to the lockout, the predictable turn of events has brought on another predictable action: the NBA and the Player’s Union will resume labor talks today to avoid cancelling more games.

From King James Gospel:

James, ever Mr Positivity, continues to stick to his decision to make The Decision (see what I did there).

“It doesn’t bother me. I know the reason I did it, I know that kids are benefitting from it. I’m excited about the opportunity that these kids get.”

From The Sixer Sense:

I find it very easy to forget just how good Charles Barkley was during his playing days. A force of nature, as some have described him. The Round Mound of Rebound (though I personally feel this understates his impact). 11-times an all-star for his career, 6 with Philadelphia. Stood at a generous 6’6″ yet stands tall as one of the greatest power forwards* of all time.

From The Royal Pain:

SLAM Magazine sat down with the Kings star (along with a few from Team Tyreke) and talked about the troubles of last season as well as Evans’ expectations out of what will hopefully be the ’11-12 season, including his apparently much improved jumper


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