Kevin Durant: Too Good To Be True?

Photo via kevindurant on Instagram

It’s almost as if Kevin Durant is a unicorn. He’s equally himself taking pictures with fans at the mall as he is using his improved handle against LeBron James. He’s one of the top players in the game, somehow only 22, and he’ll be better next season than he was last. According to Darnell Mayberry, his Durant-ness has carried over to the acting realm, too.

5:25 p.m. — Kevin Durant’s finest moment. Jackson, the acting agent, couldn’t get the timing down on delivering a line as he walked with Durant from the courtyard to a car. The director told Jackson he was going to fast. While Jackson apologized and said it was his fault, KD, who we know to be the consummate teammate, immediately chimed in and said, ‘Nah, I’ll speed up.’ Excuse me??? Who’s the actor and who’s the baller here? Here Durant was taking on a leadership role in his first ever movie, allowing the more experienced actor to do what felt natural and leave it to him to make the adjustment. I’m not sure if anyone else on the set noticed. But something so subtle spoke volumes about Durant on so many different levels.

Via On The Set Of Switch With Kevin Durant, 9/23/11

At a certain point, people are going to get sick of hearing about how wonderful Durant is. It’s probably already started. I actually laughed a little when I read that paragraph, as it seemed so typically him. Thing is, he’s not perfect. If and when he makes one public misstep, people will pounce, especially if he doesn’t have a championship by then and especially if he’s still marketed as a safe, humble superstar.

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If backlash hits if Durant’s movie turns out to be lame, if he fails to dethrone LeBron, or if he’s caught acting like a wealthy young man, it won’t be fair. Durant’s marketing strategy works because he genuinely is a kind, hard-working guy. His life is far from ordinary, but anyone who’s been around him will tell you he’s about as “normal” as an NBA superstar can be. This story from the set of Switch came from a guy who’s covered him up close since he arrived in OKC, not his PR firm. For the millionth time, Kevin Durant is who we think he is, even if these stories seem unreal.

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