Dennis Rodman And Pearl Jam And Things You Should Be Aware Of


Eddie Vedder on Dennis Rodman's Shoulders

Eddie Vedder and Dennis Rodman | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

This is a photo of Eddie Vedder on Dennis Rodman’s shoulders from 2007.

Rodman said he wanted either his son or Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder to serve as his presenter Friday night, but Hall of Fame officials informed him a current member had to do so. Enter Phil Jackson.

via Dennis Rodman: Dennis Rodman says NBA’s monster salaries have to go – Chicago Tribune.

And then I was informed “Black, Red, and Yellow” from Pearl Jam’s B-sides album was written about Rodman, and features a voice message from Rodman.


I also heard that Rodman performed “Alive” at his birthday party.

Upon discovering this, I remarked that this was the most Dennis Rodman song of Pearl Jam’s that Dennis Rodman could have sung, which was later verified by his Hall of Fame speech, in which he made mention of the fact that he didn’t honestly think he’d be alive to see himself in. In reality, the song’s about a son losing a father (Eddie’s big on the whole patronage angle, see: “Daughter,” the song), and then the mother embracing the child sexually. So that’s pretty messed up, which, again, is pretty Rodman. I then wondered which song would be the rest of the 97 Bulls from “Ten.”  I mean, Jordan’s pretty “Jeremy” what with the obsession over how he’s treated, though if Jordan were Jeremy he’d just set out to ruin his classmates’ lives forever. Pippen’s probably “Even Flow” what with the feeling like you’re constantly pressed down. I like to think Jud Buechler was “Porch” but I’m not sure why.


Rodman’s middle name is Keith.

The end.

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