Michael Beasley Should Maybe Avoid ‘Mushing’ In The Future

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While the legend of Kevin Durant – who dropped 66 points at Rucker Park eariler this week – continues to grow around New York City playgrounds, Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley will be remembered for a different kind of impression: a mush.

The Minnesota Timberwolves forward approached and pushed a heckling fan in the face at Dyckman Park Thursday night, marring what was an otherwise electric night of summer league hoops.

 via New York Daily News: Timberwolves’ Michael Beasley shoves fan at Dyckman Park while playing Kevin Durant’s Team

Michael Beasley is getting into trouble once again, and hardly anyone can claim to be surprised. ‘The Beas’ has displayed tendencies in the past that have been less than helpful to the advancement of his career, and this is no different. This time, an attendee of the league pickup game Beasley was playing in apparently heckled The Beas in some way, and he chose to respond with the old “mush”, which apparently means face shove (I think we should agree to avoid the word ‘mush’ in the future, due to its vague meaning).

It’s hard to judge the exact nature of what happened with this type of report.  Anyone who has frequented their local Y or gym knows the guy who talks trash, and also the guy who doesn’t respond to trash-talking kindly. This is an odd situation, however, because the altercation was with a spectator of the game.  This wasn’t just an altercation between two players who were going back and forth at each other, it was between an NBA player and a fan. And this was no way to react to a Kevin Durant fan heckling from the stands. One would think that an NBA player like Beasley would be used to fan heckling.

That being said, it’s unclear what the fallout of this situation will be. The fan, Garland Quince, says he isn’t looking to press charges after getting his face pushed. The league is in an awkward lockout stage currently, and it isn’t going to act on this situation anytime soon. This issue may diffuse upon news about CBA negotiations and Kevin Durant scoring 284 points in unlikely games. The largest effect that this could have for Beasley is the way he’s viewed by his own team, though his standing may have already been less than secure. For a team like the Timberwolves, a team that’s desperately trying to rebuild and just drafted small forward Derrick Williams, this could certainly effect Beasley’s future with the team. Arguments and fights in pickup games happen, but this kind of behavior is still unacceptable from NBA players, or anyone.

Considering that the lockout pickup game intensity conflict bug (it’s a complicated bug) seems to have also passed to Matt Barnes, this is another day for odd, if somewhat unsurprising (Matt Barnes got into a fight while playing basketball! You must be lying!) NBA news. It’s disappointing to see any NBA player involved in a conflict, no matter what tendencies they have displayed in the past. I hope we won’t see similar reports like this going forward, as the grueling, painful lockout continues and NBA players continue to frequent the pickup league circuit.

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