Scouting Report: Stan Van Gundy


(via The Basketball Jones)

Stan Van Gundy
Born in Indio, California
Position: PG
Height: 5’8″
Weight: A lot?
School: SUNY-Brockport

NBA Comparison:  A 5’8″ Antoine Walker (with better leadership skills)

Strengths: A proven leader. “Fiery” is a great word to describe him. Extremely vocal. Willing to defend and protect all of his teammates. Loves directing traffic both on offense and defense. It’s as though he were a coach on the floor. Looks can be deceiving — despite his stocky frame, Van Gundy possesses a lightning quick first step. Very good ball handler, has a full repertoire of crossovers and spin moves. An (extremely) willing shooter who has supreme confidence in his three-point jumper. Terrific form on his jump shot.

Weaknesses:  Conditioning can be an issue. Needs to lose weight if he wants to compete at the NBA level. While players like J.J. Barea have proven that short players can excel in this league, Van Gundy isn’t quite at that level of fitness (he’s fairly fat). Can be “fiery” to a fault. Has a short temper, and must learn to control his actions. Will be among the league leaders in technical fouls the minute he steps on the court. A lack of upside could be an issue, as he would be the oldest player in NBA history at 51 years of age.

Notes: Avid turtleneck wearer, submarine sandwich eater, and King of Queens viewer. Nicknames include “Van Frumpy”, “Van Grumpy”, “Run ‘N Gundy.”

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