NBA Drama: Marcin Gortat vs. Robin Lopez

Photo by Alex Bellink on Flickr

Marcin said that on his first day in Phoenix he asked Robin if practice started on the court or with a video session. Robin told Marcin that he didn’t know so Gortat went to the gym while Lopez went to watch video. According to Gortat, a coach came to get him and asked why he was late and Marcin said that he had asked Robin and was told he didn’t know where practice was starting. The coach said everyone knew where they were supposed to be. Marcin took that as a sign of where things stood between himself and Lopez.

via SB Nation: Marcin Gortat’s Polish Tour Includes Dogging Robin Lopez and Bad Tennis 

Even in as bleak NBA times as this, human interest stories exist. In this case, we have a classic awkward bro moment between two centers thrust together by fate (and Otis Smith). In response to this harrowing twist of conflict, I’ve written a letter pleading with the two players to reconcile quickly.


Dear Marcin Gortat and Robin Lopez, esquires of basketball,

So, things were a little awkward this year between you two. Marcin, you thought Robin was distant when he first arrived, even misleading. We’ve all been there. We’ve all swung and missed for high-fives. We’ve all made things awkward during a hangout by saying we like Nickelback “a lot”. But you two need to overcome your differences, and quickly.

Let’s face it, guys, the Suns are struggling these days. The team was mediocre last year, Steve Nash and Grant Hill aren’t getting any younger, and the plan for the future of the franchise after Nash retires seems to be “We’ll figure it out when the time comes. For now, more Aaron Brooks!”

They need both of you to work together and make each other better (Can you also make Aaron Brooks slightly better while you’re at it?), not break each other down with awkward moments over video sessions. I’m sure if you two talked, you could find some common ground. Maybe Robin could share some of his comic books with you, Marcin, and you could teach Robin how not to play tennis.

Look, you both seem like cool guys. I believe that you two can move past this misunderstanding and create a beautiful friendship and center tandem. Whenever player workouts start again (if they ever do), you two should sit down (or stand) and talk this out. Together, you two can do anything (except save the Suns from mediocrity)!


If either of you are reading this, please give the idea some thought. In a time of turmoil, conflict, and discord in the NBA, two cool centers should be able to solve their personal misunderstandings and amiably talk about rebounds and other center stuff.


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