STS Roundtable: NBA Finals

Happy Finals Day!

Today, Saving the Skyhook kicks off our Finals coverage with some very exciting news. We have three new writers joining the team today: Alex McNamee, Neil Noonan and Scott Campsall. Blake and I have been reading their stuff, and we’re pumped to have these guys join the team. You’re going to enjoy what they can do. In the coming days, we’ll be updating the site’s About Us page with their information, but for now, we have a Finals Roundtable for you to pursue while you wait for tonight’s game (9pm ET, ABC).

Give this a read, and please welcome the team to the site!

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Finals Preview: This is Not ’06

Having witnessed the fiasco that was the 2006 NBA Finals, it seems rather fitting that the Dallas Mavericks would again face the Miami Heat in a final best of seven series that has the potential to be just as memorable; Hopefully this time, it will be for the level of play, rather than the one-sided nature of the officiating.

While officiating is always an uncertainty, one thing we can be certain about in this series is that we are seeing two completely different versions of the teams that faced off in 2006, and the series should play out as such. Continue Reading


News and Notes: May 27th

The Finals are set.

With 3:53 left in the 4th quarter, The Chicago Bulls held a 12 point lead on the Miami Heat. Miami called a timeout, and it looked like Chicago was well on their well to forcing a Game Six.

This from ESPN:

“We don’t even know what happened,” Wade said. “I’m not going to lie to you and say we do. I can’t remember all the plays. I just remember the timeout, and Coach just looked at us and said, ‘We’ve done this before. We’ve been in games where we’ve gone on a 12-0 or 14-0 run. Just believe.’

“We came out of that timeout believing if we get stops, we can give ourselves an opportunity. That’s all I remember.”

The Heat proceeded to go on a 18-3 run, winning the game and advancing to the Finals.

There’s plenty to discuss for as the basketball world gears up for Mavs/Heat Game 1 (Tuesday the 31st, ABC), but for this morning, let’s take a look some links to see how the FanSided crew (and others) weighed in on last night’s game:


Dirk: The Great and Powerful

@treykerby provided my favorite tweet from last night:

Raise your hand if you picked Portland to beat Dallas in the first round. Own it.

There was little reason to believe the Mavericks could get here. They had an impressive regular season, but they were saddled with an aging supporting cast and a star who may or may not have seen his best days in 2006. Beyond that, the Mavericks found themselves facing a particularly tough path to the Finals. All the Mavericks had to do in order to reach the Finals was to take down fan darling Portland, the defending NBA Champions and the best young team in the game.

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News and Notes: May 25th

Amazing game last night between the Heat and the Bulls. A shame that someone had to lose that match up, but at the end of the day, the Heat was better able to push through the OT period and get the win. Looks like we’re heading for another memorable game tonight in Dallas as the Mavericks take on the Thunder (9pm ET, ESPN).

Here are some links for you to chew on until then:

  • The Bulls struggle down the stretch, lose to the Heat. Josh Hill from Pippen Ain’t Easy weighs in (Pippen Ain’t Easy)
  • Benny Vargas on Mike Miller’s big night for the Heat (All You Can Heat)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, your new Lakers Head Coach: Mike Brown (Pro Basketball Talk)
  • bdiddy with his 1.1 Mock Draft (Air Alamo)
  • Eric Morrow, new lead for From Russia with Dunk, has news of Kris Humphries engagement to Kim Kardashian (From Russia with Dunk)

News and Notes: May 23rd

Good morning,

Some cool things a’coming on STS this week, but let’s start things off with a look at all things NBA, including some links about this weekend’s Conference Finals.

Finally, a word for those affected by the tornadoes that hit Joplin, MO. Here is a link to CNN’s live blog on this tornado, and here is a link to the Red Cross, which is accepting donations.


News and Notes: May 19th

Much ado in the NBA world today, featuring a big win by the Heat in Game 2 of the ECF, teams reacting to their placement in the draft, and everyone else still trying to figure out how exactly to define how good Dirk Nowitzki was in Game 1 of the WCF.

Personally, I like to think of it as ‘Slash leaving the wedding in the November Rain video to dominate the guitar solo in the middle of the desert’ good, but that’s probably just because I’m a nerd.

I was sent this post, which basically introduces a new stat specifically calculated to measure exactly how effective Dirk’s game was last night (Hint: it was insanely effective).

Here are some additional bits to chew on:

  • Josh Hill with Pippen Ain’t Easy takes a look at last night’s Bulls loss to Miami.
  • Sam McPhee from King James Gospel reviews the game from Miami’s lens.
  • James Grayson from Swarm and Sting has news about Hornets Assistant Mike Malone and the Golden State Warriors.
  • Charles Barkley speaks out about Rick Welts.
  • Kyrie Irving elects to skip the NBA Draft Combine. His agent is reporting that he’s working out on his own, suggesting that the Cavs are already set to draft him #1 overall.

Want more NBA discussion? Be sure to follow the crew on Twitter: Blake Lovell (@theblakelovell), Steve Rivers (@TheKidSkoob), Steven Gelis (@thatsthedagger), Marco Romo (@SerenityNowDDL), Andrew Lynch (@snghoops), Dan Jepperson (@Kobesmokey).


Early Reaction: NBA Draft Lottery

After some drama (and by ‘drama’ I mean that I found myself shouting at the television when they announced that the Utah Jazz had a top three pick but then cut to commercial: “Seriously?!? Who do you think you are? Dancing with the Stars?!? You’re not Dancing with the Stars! TELL ME THE DRAFT ORDER!!)

We now have the official draft order for the upcoming NBA Draft:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves
  3. Utah Jazz
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News and Notes: May 16th

Great day of basketball yesterday, featuring an impressive game 7 performance by Kevin Durant and a monster game 1 from Chicago in their match up against the Heat.

No games tonight, but here are some links for you to chew on today: