Here’s a Cool New NBA Playoff App

NBA fans, with the playoff season just days away, we want to let you know about a cool new app on iTunes that’s been created just in time for the playoffs.

Oh, and one of the co-creators just happens to be Saving the Skyhook’s very own, Dan Jepperson!

Dan and his friend Jason have created the “2011 Playoff Primer” app for those of you out there who want to brush up on your player profiles and learn a little more about a specific team. And even if you’re a hardcore fan, chances are, you’ll find something informative here that you can use against your buddies as well.

Here’s some specific info on the app:

Whether you’re a fan of the NBA looking for more information about your favorite players or someone that needs to catch up on the key players in this years basketball playoffs, then this app is for you.

We profile 56 of the key players in this years playoffs from all 16 teams.

Got a friend that needs to catch up on their basketball knowledge? This app will help them learn about all the key players in this year’s playoffs.

It really is a nice little tool for fans out there who are wanting to learn more about the players and teams who will comprise the 2011 playoffs.

So ladies, if you’ve got a man out there who thinks he knows everything there is to know about the NBA, why not check out this app and see if you can find a particular nugget that will stump him? This is your chance to flaunt your own NBA knowledge.

And men, want to badger your lady friend every ten minutes or so throughout the month of April with a random NBA factoid? Well look no further than the 2011 Playoff Primer app.

This was made by two guys who love the game and want everyone to be able to share all the fun that comes along with the postseason.

Be sure to check out this awesome new app…..because the playoffs have officially arrived!

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