Twitter Chatter: No Crying In Basketball Edition

  I’m racking my brains over yogurt and granola (Hey, it’s SoCal, that’s how breakfast is done), trying to recall a team being 23 games over .500, with 2 players averaging over 25 ppg on 49+% shooting (and a 3rd giving you 18+ on 48% shooting? YIKES.), playing for a universally respected GM and a lauded coach, and STILL be the laughingstock of the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers are 12-50, the hapless New Jersey Nets have a center averaging 6 rebounds a game, but the media is blazing on the Heat like they caught Charlie Sheen wearing a swastika while staging illegal puppy vs baby fights. 

THe Heat aren’t terrible, nor are the Heat truly elite. I respect the concept they all shot for; young, playing with good friends, supremely talented, Miami life, who WOULDN’T want that?  THe blueprint is flawed, though; 3 excellent pieces along with a hodge-podge collection of role players around them and no clear cut offensive roles (“ISO” isn’t a role) all add up to recipe for disappointment.

  Crying? I understand losing a tough game 7 in the Finals, or being eliminated after a hard fought battle for the 8th seed. I just don’t think grown men should let self inflicted pressure make them CRY after losing a regular season game.

Time for another Twitter round-up! As always, click the name to see the originator’s Twitter page!

  • Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel’s Magic BasketBlog tweeted the Stan Van Gundy hammer-quote that hits the nail on the head regarding the both the media and fans’ indictment of the Heat.

  “If you don’t want the scrutiny, you don’t hold a championship celebration before you’ve even practiced together.”


Finally, a dope tidbit from @2131andBeyond:

LeBron won 61 games with the #Cavs last year. For the #Heat to finish with 61 wins, they have to go 19-0 through the end.”

Are the Heat in trouble? Nah. They won’t win a ‘ship this year, and after the gargantuan expectations they placed on themselves (and our imaginations endowed them with), this season has been somewhat of a letdown. With a few shrewd moves, Riley will have this team banging on the door.  But man, the soap opera needs to take a back seat to just basketball.

Ah heck. My man @Jose3030 (via @RockyPadila) KILLED me with this one (SFW):

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