NBA Trade Deadline Wrap-Up

So with the bevy of deals made in the past few days, some surprising, some not, I think it would be appropriate to discuss all the major deals with our loyal readers. These deals are sure to change the landscape of the NBA. There are two deals in particular that really delivered. This trade deadline has certainly lived up to the hype. So without further ado, let’s breakdown all the major trade talk.


The first major trade was obviously Carmelo Anthony going to the Knicks.

TO NEW YORK: Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Balkman, Shelden Williams, Corey Brewer

TO DENVER: Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov, a 2014 first round pick, and 2012 and 2013 second round picks

TO MINNESOTAA: Eddy Curry, and Anthony Randolph

This trade obviously is huge. Carmelo gets his extension, and gets to play with his good friend Amar’e Stoudemire. He also gets to play under the shining lights in New York. Carmelo had a solid first game in blue and orange with 27 points and 10 boards. Chauncey Billups may be the key to this trade, as he has plenty of playoff experience and a Finals MVP under his belt. He may be the leader that this team needs. Look forward to big things from New York next year, especially if they can land Chris Paul or Dwight Howard in 2012.


The second trade was very underrated.

TO NEW ORLEANS: Carl Landry, cash considerations

TO SACRAMENTO: Marcus Thornton

This trade obviously didn’t make many headlines, but it is very underrated. The Hornets are already a good team, but Carl Landry gives them a big body off the bench, and can work wonders on the rotation behind Emeka Okafor. Look for the big man to make noise in the playoffs.


I’m sure everyone was blindsided by this one.

TO NEW JERSEY: Deron Williams

TO UTAH: Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, two first round draft picks and $3 million

This trade gives New Jersey the star they want. This trade won’t do much for the Nets this year, since they are in so deep of a hole, but they will likely make playoffs next year with Deron Williams at the point. He also gives the Nets a marketable player when they move to Brooklyn. However, Deron is still a free agent after next season so if he doesn’t sign an extension, this deal may all be for naught.


Another underrated trade.

TO ATLANTA: Kirk Hinrich, Hilton Armstrong

TO WASHINGTON: Mike Bibby, Maurice Evans, Jordan Crawford, 2011 first round draft pick

This deal gives the Hawks a very serviceable point guard in Kirk Hinrich. The Hawks are now poised to make some playoff noise, with good players at every position. The Hawks won’t be a doormat to the Orlando Magic if the two teams should meet in the first round. If anything Hinrich will give the Hawks a much needed ball handler who can provide good defense, something lacking with Mike Bibby.


A pretty boring deal.

TO GOLDEN STATE: Troy Murphy, 2011 second round pick

TO NEW JERSEY: Brandan Wright, Dan Gadzuric

This deal is nothing to write home about, it was made for salary considerations. It won’t really effect the teams records going forward, but it could be significant since the Nets have more cap room to work with now.


Mediocrity prevails!

TO CLEVELAND: Baron Davis, 2011 first round pick

TO LOS ANGELES: Mo Williams, Jamario Moon

This deal will give the Clippers some financial flexibility, but they lose a first round pick that could potentially be top five. I like the deal for Cleveland because they might have the 1 and 2 picks in the next draft!


This deal actually happened as I was writing this piece and I can honestly say I am shocked.

TO OKLAHOMA CITY: Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson

TO BOSTON: Nenad Krstic, Jeff Green

With this deal the Thunder get a dominant big man who plays some much sought after defense. Perkins will be a game changer for the Thunder. I really like this deal for them. I guess the Celtics will have to depend on Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal now, but Perkins was very good at defending Dwight Howard. I really like the Thunder moving forward though. Good deal for them.


Pretty fair trade.

TO MEMPHIS: Shane Battier

TO HOUSTON: Hasheem Thabeet, a 2011 first round draft pick

Grizzlies get a good defender in Battier, he could help them down the line if they are in the playoffs. Houston gets Thabeet, who might develop into a decent backup center, and a first round pick that they could use on draft day. The Rockets collect more assets, but the Grizzlies get a very good defender. I like this deal for both parties.


Another deal for the Rockets.

TO PHOENIX: Aaron Brooks

TO HOUSTON: Goran Dragic, a 2011 first round draft pick

The Rockets make another deal, and collect more assets. It was clear Brooks wasn’t working out in Houston and the former Most Improved Player can be a good scorer off the bench for the Suns. The Rockets are loaded with picks, perhaps they will make a draft day trade?


Another trade for OKC.

TO CHARLOTTE: DJ White, Mo Peterson


The Thunder get a backup center in Mohammed, don’t give up much to get him. Not really a very important deal, although Nazr might be useful in limiting Perkins minutes so his knees don’t explode.


Another surprising deal.

TO PORTLAND: Gerald Wallace

TO CHARLOTTE: Joel Pryzbilla, Dante Cunningham, two first round draft picks.

Portland got Wallace for basically nothing, he will give them some defense and scoring in the playoffs. Wallace and LaMarcus Aldridge should be a nice tandem. Imagine if Brandon Roy was healthy? This might be one of the top three teams in the West if that was the case.


Would have liked Mayo in Chicago.


TO MEMPHIS: Josh McRoberts, a 2011 first round draft pick

Mayo finally gets fresh start. He can get some burn in Indiana and will likely be a factor in the playoffs. Josh McRoberts to Memphis leaves much to be desired though.

Apparently they missed the deadline.


Another move from beantown.

TO BOSTON: a 2011 second round pick

TO CLEVELAND: Semih Erden, Luke Harangody

Boston gives up two backups for a second round pick. Ho hum.

Well folks, that appears to be it. Plenty of big deals were made today and earlier in the week, and this year’s trade deadline certainly did not disappoint. Remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, and let me know what you thought of my report in the comments sections.

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